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Free Standard Shipping to UK and All Orders over £200 Worldwide

Motivated by the lack of options, inspired by you

One quiet morning, whilst Roda was flicking through lookbooks and online shops, she found herself welcoming that usual frustration that arose when trying to buy clothes. She was sick of falling in love with beautiful fashion-forward clothing that she could never enjoy. All because of the cut, design or even because the tiniest detail meant sacrificing her principles. She grew tired of settling for nice and appropriate clothes. She wanted that overwhelming feeling of joy that comes when you try on an outfit that ticks every single box and instantly makes you feel, quite honestly, wonderful inside and outside.

Roda was constantly being forced to compromise something, whether it was style, quality, or her beliefs and she knew that she wasn’t the only one. Enough was enough. Her days started to consist of researching latest trends, sketching flattering yet modest cuts and playing with different prints and colour palettes that modest fashion lovers like you would love.

This is when the first of many stunning designs emerged, the Muni jumpsuit. With its long sleeves, tailored leg and chiffon train for extra coverage, she knew this outfit would be a winner for any Muslim woman. So excited that she had created an outfit that would effortlessly project sublime elegance no matter the occasion, the creative juices started flowing and the Confidence Collection continued to grow. Still so infatuated by Muni’s graceful style and sophisticated shape, she wanted to design a similar alternative for women who didn’t necessarily enjoy wearing trousers. This combined with her love of digital-printed patterns, the masterpiece that is the Zam dress came to life.

The Confidence Collection was growing as showstopper after showstopper was added. Next came the simple and feminine Leyla dress with playful mink tones which offers a splash of colour to a normally washed-out wardrobe. Then, the Amal crepe skirt that embodies the power and authority of a suit with the femininity of a maxi-skirt to empower the professional Muslim woman. Before she knew it, the collection was complete. An assortment of modern dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and tops that offered everything that was missing before.

Whenever sketching, retouching or choosing prints, Roda always thought back to the thousands of other Muslim women who were tired of compromising. Her inspiration and motivation was always and always will be the opportunity to enable other woman to feel wonderful in what they wear.

Remember, compromising is boring.


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