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Free Standard Shipping to UK and All Orders over £200 Worldwide

Where do our clothes made?

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From an idea in the back of our founder’s head to your wardrobe, our products have already embarked on an incredible journey. From mood boards, materials and manufacturing, every single stage of the creative process has been meticulously thought out and not a single detail has been left untouched.

As you’ve probably read by now in our first blog, our founder was inspired to create the Confidence Collection to provide women like you with stylish, high-quality and modest clothing that will make you feel wonderful in everything you do.

It all starts with research. We would spend hours browsing the latest trends to see what people were wearing and what styles people adored. On the train, at work, or even when trying to sleep, every second became time to get creative and brainstorm. The style of each garment had to flatter a women’s shape without provocation and ensure it exuded sophistication.

Paris, London, Lisbon and Milan. Travels across Europe followed to find the perfect fabrics that would complement the cuts and designs of each garment, just seeing photos was not sufficient. It was imperative to find high-quality and breathable silk for our clients in warmer countries and the perfect chiffon for the practical professional woman that would not crease easily.

The selected fabrics were then transported to our manufacturers in the UK and Europe. We entrusted the production of our clothes in the hands of luxury fashion specialists who also produce collections for high-end brands in the industry. With hand-crafted details, each dress and jumpsuit takes approximately eight hours to make, with continuous quality-control procedures to ensure each product is flawless.

When sending our beautiful garments to you, we hand wrap them in soft tissue paper and place inside a large and luxurious box before tying in ribbons to keep your new showstopper of an outfit safe during this leg of its journey.

Please accomplish extraordinary things wearing our clothes, continue the journey.

As always we would love to hear from you!

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